Friday, November 01, 2019

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz: Wheeling Tin Man

Playing a game of pogoball, the Tin Man heads out to the yellow brick road to fetch the ball. In the process, one of the Wheelers swerves to avoidhim and breaks a wheel. The Tin Man fixes it with the pogoball, and the Wheeler really likes the new maneuverability. The Wheelers ask him to replace all their wheels, and make the Tin Man one of their own. Dorothy is concerned, however, because the Wheelers go in for dangerous stunts, which are not something Tin Man is known for. Dorothy, Scarecrow, and Lion miss him, but Tin Man is enjoying himself too much to miss them. When Dorothy finds out that Tin Man's initiation to officially become a Wheeler involves a dangerous jump over Emerald Gorge, she Ruby Slippers over there to talk him out of it. Despite all his bravado and bluster, Tin Man finally agrees—but before he can get away, a friendly slap from Lion sends him down the ramp anyway! He doesn't make it across, but does land (relatively) safely in the river, and Dorothy uses the Ruby Slippers to rescue him.

Okay, my big question here is, how can Tin Man fall into the river and not be affected by the water at all? This is the guy who rusts when he cries, and even in the snow. But a plunge in the river, he's fine. Heck, when Dorothy brings him to shore, water doesn't even spill out from his legs. But overall, this was probably just an average episode, with the Tin Man learning he can't really go against his own nature. The Wheelers are still tough but otherwise not terribly offensive, even after they have their wheels replaced by rubber balls.

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