Saturday, October 26, 2019

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz: Welcome to Oz Mitch

While visiting Munchkinland, a Kansas boy named Mitch ends up in the fountain, having been swept there by a storm. He wants to go home, but Dorothy offers to show him around Oz first. Of course, Frank and Lyman see what's happening and report on the new visitor from Kansas to the Wicked Witch and Wilhelmina. Thinking Dorothy must have brought Mitch to Oz with some powerful magic, Wilhelmina goes out to get him so they can find out what it is. On the tour, Mitch isn't impressed with any of the strange sight, like giant birds, mermaids, singing trees, or even the Woozy, whom Mitch dismisses as just being a huge cat. (The Woozy takes that description personally.) But once Mitch hears there's a Wizard, he gets all excited about magic, so long as he isn't turned into a duck. While waiting to see the Wizard, Wilhelmina finds out Mitch is even more excited about witches, so she offers to take him to her castle. Wilhelmina does some magic for him while the Wicked Witch grills him, but he has no idea how he got to Oz, he just wants Wilhelmina to do more magic for him. Over and over and over, until Wilhelmina is all spelled out! It does no good, Mitch just wants to see even more magic! Wilhelmina eventually turns to someone who can help her get rid of Mitch—Dorothy! Of course she has an idea, which starts with Wilhelmina turning Mitch into a duck! Wilhelmina threatens to keep him forever, so Mitch decides he wants to go home after all. The Wizard, after a few false starts, manages to turn Mitch back into a boy, and uses his new transporter machine to successfully send Mitch home. Wilhelmina, checking to make sure Mitch is gone, vows once again to take the Ruby Slippers from Dorothy—then quietly thanks Dorothy for helping with her problem before flying off.

It's nice to see that Dorothy isn't the only character who comes from outside Oz. Mitch is not quite as nice as Dorothy; he's actually pretty annoying, and I'll bet the good citizens of Kansas won't take too kindly to his hillbilly rube "hyuk hyuk" performance. For me, the star of this episode is Wilhelmina, as she gets to do quite a bit, and she may be seeing Dorothy more as a frenemy than she did before. And Dorothy knows enough psychology to understand exactly how to handle Mitch. This was a fun one, even with the annoyance of Mitch.

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