Saturday, October 19, 2019

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz: Scarecrow Goes to College

Scarecrow enrolls at Wogglebug College to learn more stuff. Frank and Lyman report this to Wilhelmina, so the Wicked Witch decides this is a chance to infiltrate the group, tasking Wilhelmina with coming up with a plan. Eventually, they decide that the Wicked Witch should disguise herself as the Scarecrow! Meanwhile, the Scarecrow, acting smarter than anyone else at college and missing his friends, comes up with a plan to get him out of there. The Witch, now looking like a green-skinned version of the Scarecrow, meets up with the group and suggests stopping in Comfort County for a nap. While Dorothy and the Lion are napping and Tin Man goes out for a walk, the Witch tries to take the Ruby Slippers. Foiled by the Lion's tossing and turning and Toto getting a bone, they next come to Riddle Road and encounter the Riddle Raiders. They have to answer three riddles or be trapped. They luck out and answer the first two, but without Scarecrow there, the Witch calls on Frank and Lyman (!) to answer a riddle about bananas in a coconut tree. They get it wrong, and are about to be trapped when the real Scarecrow turns up. They beg for another riddle, which the Scarecrow, answers easily. The Riddle Raiders, having promised their freedom, slink off, while the Wicked Witch heads back to the castle. The Scarecrow, it seems, wanted to get out and see his friends so badly that he sped up his college studies and graduated early—and he's now Professor Scarecrow!

This was a fun one, with the Wicked Witch failing miserably at being the Scarecrow, Frank and Lyman painting Wilhelmina's toenails purple, the hammock trees of Comfort County, and the Riddle Raiders, who look like talking books dressed as pirates. Their leader talks like Peter Lorre as he dishes out rhyming riddles. And we get to see Professor Wogglebug in action again. I think you can tell that I enjoyed this one, too.


David Lee Ingersoll said...

I haven't visited your blog in a long time. It seems like you're reviewing a chapter of a story you've reviewed previously. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with it. Is it online? Would you be able to provide a link?

Eric said...

"Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz" is the Oz cartoon currently showing on Boomerang (and possibly on Cartoon Network at times). It's a series of short little one-off adventures, a bit like the old "Tales of the Wizard of Oz" show from the early '60s, without the catchy theme song. You can see more about it at Boomerang's page for the show at I also use the show's Wikipedia page, at, to make sure I'm reviewing the episodes in the right order.

David Lee Ingersoll said...

Thank you! I will check them out.