Monday, October 07, 2019

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz: Don't Follow the Yellow Brick Road

The gang are out on an aimless ramble, and decide to go somewhere they haven't been before—by not following the Yellow Brick Road! They find a side road, and their absence allows the Nome King and Kaliko to come out and infiltrate the palace. Not very convincingly disguised as Ozma, the Nome King infiltrates the royal vault and makes off with the magic moving potion. So what does he want to move? He moves the Emerald City underground, into the Nome Kingdom! Meanwhile, Dorothy and the gang are in an unusual part of Oz with moving trees and dancing flowers, and a different view of Oz—including the spot where the Emerald City used to be. In its new location, the Nome King finds he has less power over his new subjects than he thought he would, as the Munchkins try to make the place less gloomy by creating windows, suggesting cleaning up and getting rid of the bats, and putting in a playground. The Nome King realizes moving the Emerald City just created more problems, but he can't reverse the magic moving spell. Fortunately, there is one person who can help, and Kaliko finds her, her three friends, and her little dog, too, on the edge of the hole where Emerald City used to stand. After some brainstorming, Dorothy finally asks Ozma if there's a potion to reverse the moving potion. Sure enough, there is one, Ozma uses it to put the Emerald City back in place, and all is as it should be—except for the Munchkins left behind it the Nome Kingdom, who are still trying to renovate and create windows.

A harmless little tale, but it's nice to see the Nome King again. His idea kind of felt like his using unfamiliar magic in Kabumpo in Oz, another story that left a mysterious hole in the middle of the Emerald City. There were also some fun messages about trying new and different things, and a pretty funny sequence where all the boys (including Toto!) ask Dorothy, "Don't follow the Yellow Brick Road?" echoing Dorothy's exit from Munchkinland in The Movie.

Next week, the tallest Munchkin!

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