Sunday, September 01, 2019

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz: Toto Transformed

Toto runs away from his bath. Dorothy and the boys eventually track him down in a bubble-soaked throne room, but Dorothy worries about losing him on adventures. She asks Ozma for a bell to put on Toto's collar, and she finds one. Later, a big black monster antagonizes a group of Emerald Citizens, and Dorothy and the boys investigate. The Wizard appears and tells them all about Ozsquatch, the biggest, scariest creature in Oz, causing everyone to run away panicking. Dorothy and the boys head to the Munchkin village, where everyone is boarded up in their homes. Then Ozsquatch appears. Dorothy can't find Toto, but he turns up just as Ozsquatch disappears. Then, while she's holding him, Toto's new bell rings again, and he turns into Ozsquatch! Yup, it's an enchanted bell. As soon as it rings again and he changes back to his lovable old self, Dorothy removes the bell, and Ozma appears, having remembered the enchantment on the bell. She takes it back to the Emerald City, but not before ringing it herself, transforming into what Dorothy calls Ozmasquatch!

It's silly and fluffy, and Ozsquatch is more cute than frightening (well this show is aimed at very young ids), but it is an excellent showcase for Toto, who hasn't gotten a lot of love on this show until now. So that alone makes this episode a recommendation from me.

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