Saturday, September 14, 2019

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz: General Jinjur

Yay, another episode about a classic character from the books! Dorothy and the boys are out picking berries that taste like whatever you're imagining when she is kidnapped by a troupe of dancing girl soldiers! One of them loses a heel from her boot, so when the guys investigate, they suspect Wilhelmina. Her heels are intact, so she kicks them out, but she and the Wicked Witch deduce that it's Jinjur and her dancing army. So the Wicked Witch sends Wilhelmina to rescue Dorothy! If Jinjur wants the ruby slippers, the Witch wants to stop her so she can get them herself. Meanwhile, the captured Dorothy meets the general, who tries to recruit Dorothy for the army. Wilhelmina finds the boys, and they reluctantly team up to rescue Dorothy. They walk in, and Wilhelmina starts trash-talking Jinjur until Dorothy suggests a way to figure out who should have her: a dance off! With a little help from her magic, Wilhelmina dances circles around Jinjur and is declared the winner. The army unties Dorothy, and Dorothy uses the slippers to zap out of Wilhelmina's way, foiling Wilhelmina's latest attempt to get the slippers. Jinjur is despondent that the war is lost, and tells everyone about the continuing dance battle with Field Marshall Foxtrot. Dorothy asks what the original war is about—and Jinjur can't remember! Dorothy suggests ending the war and giving Foxtrot a nice gift: some of the berries!

I'm not wild about Jinjur being turned from the leader of an army of revolt into the leader of what is essentially a kickline. But her tenacity and other aspects of her character are still there. This version just appears to be channeling her ambitions through dance rather than overthrowing the government. This may have something to do with Ozma being on the throne instead of the Scarecrow. And Jinjur and Wilhelmina's dance battle is a lot of fun. (I kept wondering where the music was coming from!) Still, this was a pretty pedestrian episode, not much to write home about.

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