Friday, August 09, 2019

This Week's Oz Short Story

I have guests coming over for the weekend, and so I won't have a lot of time for blogging. But the preparations are nearly done, it will be a few hours before anyone arrives, and so I have just enough time for this week's very short story (which I kipped over last week for this very occasion) from the 2004 edition of Oziana, a prose poem by M. A. Berg entitled "New Moon Over Oz". Very simply, the sliver of a new moon rises over Oz, and several Oz characters compare it to something they are familiar with. It's quiet and lovely and very sweet.

While I'm at it, a couple of other items from this issue:

  • Don Marquez's wraparound cover is entitled "The Road through Oz", and depicts a number of characters walking along (or flying above) the yellow brick road. The fun part is, you have to identify them all. Fortunately, there's a key inside the issue.
  • "Calling All Ozzy Poets!" is just that, a call for poets to submit Ozzy poems for publication. Of course it's done as a poem—in this case, four limericks.
Next week, I am going to take a brief break from Oziana and share a short story or two from other sources. But never fear, the Oziana recaps will return before too long!

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