Monday, February 04, 2019

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz: Get Smart

The Nome King is upset that he's not in the latest edition of The Great Rulers of Oz. So he kidnaps the author, Professor Wogglebug, demanding to be included. But the Wogglebug doesn't think the Nome King is brave enough or smart enough to be a Great Ruler of Oz—so the Nome King dares the Wogglebug to come up with a plan that would work. Meanwhile, Dorothy and the guys discover that the Wogglebug is missing. They eventually track him down in the Nome Kingdom, where the Wogglebug tells them about the great plan he gave him for taking over Oz! Sure enough, at the latest council of Oz rulers, the Nome King is disguised as the wand check attendant. Dorothy and the rest high tail it to the Emerald City, only to witness the Nome King get Ozma's wand and start transforming everybody. (The most amusing one is, after transforming the Lion into a mouse, he transforms Dorothy into a kitten. Not only does Dorothy start chasing the Lion, Toto starts chasing Dorothy!) Eventually, he tries to transform himself into a great ruler, only to turn into a twelve inch long measuring device! In desperation, he gives the wand to Kaliko, who is nowhere near as adept as the Nome King. Kaliko not only ends up restoring everyone, he changes the Nome King into a chicken! Humiliated, the Nomes leave, and all is back to order. However, the Wogglebug has a new section on "The Worst Rulers of Oz" in the next edition. And the Nome King is delighted to be in it!

This version of the Nome King is definitely more of a comic foil in this show than he is in the books. But the Wogglebug's plan does just about work. The scene where the Nome King and the Wogglebug end up taunting and playing mind games on each other is a master class in narcissistic psychology, too. And it's amusing to note that the premise is based on a plot point from The Royal Book of Oz, so they are clearly not just mining the Baum books!

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