Saturday, January 19, 2019

This Week's Short Story

I have finally completed reading The Lost Tales of Oz with it's final tale, "The Puppet-Mistress of Oz" by Andrew J. Heller. Dorothy, Betsy, and Trot begin reminiscing about how they first came to Oz, and as she tells her story, Betsy and Trot wonder about some of the coincidences that led Dorothy to killing two wicked witches and exposing the Wizard, and why Glinda didn't step in to help any earlier. This leads to some awkward questions, which brings them to question the Wizard. It seems there is a power behind the scenes pulling the strings of Dorothy's first trip to Oz, and now that this character has been exposed, they need to take action. It's kind of a creepy conspiracy story, And while it all makes sense and holds together well, it's also disappointing that some of the characters act the way they do—but I think that's the point! Also, everything happens because of a prophecy! Really? I'm getting a little tired of pre-ordained events because someone made them up. Also an intriguing aspect is the revelation that Dorothy wasn't the first American to come to Oz in order to restore peace, but none of the earlier visitors were successful. Now there's a story someone should tell! Maybe in The Lost Tales of Oz, Book II?

Next week, we're back to Oziana for good!

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