Saturday, January 05, 2019

This Week's Oz Short Story

We're nearing the end of The Lost Tales of Oz. This week's story is "Ozma and the Orange Ogres in Oz" by Nathan M. DeHoff and Joe Bongiorno. It's mostly about the tribe of orange ogres, led by Citros, and how they came to be separated from their fellow ogres. This led them to explore and discover more about the world around them, which they then proceeded to conquer, and enslaved many of the people living near them. Eventually, going further afield, they find their way into Oz, and they decide to conquer the Emerald City. This is just business as usual to the Ozites, but the ogres manage to take over the palace for a while. The grandeur of the palace goes to Citros's head, however, and some of his fellow ogres just want to go back to their own homes. They join with the rebellion amongst the Oz characters, and before long get some magic to the Wizard, who manages to singlehandedly take the Emerald City back. The issue then becomes, what to do with the ogres? Ozma and the Wizard manage to come up with a terrific solution that helps everyone. (I was sure the Waters of Oblivion would be involved, but this story uses some other, different enchanted water, to very good effect.) This story really highlights just how different Oz is from any other place, and how wise Ozma and her friends are when dealing with those who would oppose them.

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