Sunday, January 13, 2019

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz: Sister Sister

Everyone in Oz is invited to a celebration for Glinda the Good—including Melinda the Mean, Glinda's previously unknown evil twin sister! Melinda decides to take over Glinda's place while her lackey, Sassy the Lizard, lures Glinda into a dragon's cave. Disguised as Glinda, Melinda enchants the Lullaby League's slippers so they can't stop dancing, and a fountain to spew out wave after wave of lollipops. Dorothy quickly figures out that Melinda has taken Glinda's place, and the gang sets out to find her. Sassy quickly tells them after being bribed with a jarful of flies, and they all rescue Glinda from the purple dragon. Back in Munchkinland, the Mayor officially cancels the celebration because of all the mean things "Glinda" has done, but Melinda is discovered, only to proclaim that she's the real Glinda. A magic battle between the two Glindas ensues, mostly involving bouncing bubbles off each other, but Glinda finally decides to let Melinda have her crown. This proves that she's the real Glinda, because only she would be so good and generous! The Lollipop Guild takes the crown back from Melinda, who zaps off in a black bubble, vowing to return.

This is pretty much a retelling of "Locket Locket in My Pocket" with Dorothy and Wilhelmina replaced by Glinda and Melinda. This may be one of the most disposable stories of the series so far, and Melinda just wants to be mean for the sake of meanness. We've never seen her before, and based on the show's episode guide, I don't think we'll actually see her again, either (but that may change if there's a third season). The Lullaby League and their simultaneous rhyming couplet dialogue were cute, however. And I don't know if it was deliberate, but whatever Oz consultant they have on this show could very well have suggested the dragon be purple to evoke the Purple Dragon of Mo. So that's either a coincidence or a doozy of an Easter egg.

I'm a little behind on this show right now, and I hope nobody missed my report last week. I did watch this episode, but never got around to writing it up, so I may watch another one later today to get caught up. But I'm also running out of episodes, so I may not write one up every week unless more show up on my DVR soon. Meanwhile, however, I've acquired both volumes of the show that have been released on DVD so far (for some reason, volume one has only Portuguese as an alternative language, which was fun to watch for a bit; volume two only has English). I hope there will be more!

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Kaylum Brand said...

I think the Lullaby League are the cutest characters on the show. I found them to be cute and beautiful and i love them. What do you like about the Lullaby League girls anyway?

They're a trio of cute and adorable munchkin ballerinas who enjoy lullabies.