Sunday, January 13, 2019

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz: Moody Magic

Ha, I did get to watch another one today! The gang is on a mission to the China Country to get some scones for the Hungry Tiger, who is due to wake up from hibernation soon. Last time that happened, he tore the place up! The Lion doesn't have the courage to climb the wall, but Dorothy pretty much tells him, "Fake it 'til you make it". When they come down the other side, Dorothy finds a ring, and when she puts it on, she feels incredibly happy. Of course the ring was planted there by Wilhelmina, who has the other ring that controls the emotions of whoever wears it! Wilhelmina thinks that if she can sabotage the mission, the Hungry Tiger will wreck China Country again, and Dorothy will be blamed and sent back to Kansas. Sure enough, Dorothy gets sad on the way to Queen Tureen's palace, and then angry when they get there, causing Queen Tureen to get upset and not give them the scones. Dorothy storms off in a huff, where Wilhelmina finds her and takes her to the sleeping Hungry Tiger, for some reason. The guys, after having apologized to the queen, bring another batch of scones, which Frank and Lyman then proceed to wolf down! In the tussle, the Tin Woodman falls on the Tiger, waking him up, and he heads out to find some scones. Toto, meanwhile, has figured out that Wilhelmina's controlling Dorothy's mood, so they try to take the ring off Dorothy's finger. It doesn't work, so they go after the Tiger. During the ensuing chase, the Lion convinces Dorothy to try to act happy, even though she's still angry. It works, and after several attempts by Wilhelmina to override Dorothy's emotions, she finally short circuits the rings, and Wilhelminas's control ring flies off her finger. Dorothy's back to normal, but the Hungry Tiger is still on the run. But a deft throw lands the ring on the Tiger's tail, and Dorothy uses the control ring to make him happy, and he doesn't wreck the China Country this time. They all go in to get some scones, and Dorothy even invites Wilhelmina in, but she just stuffs another banana into Lyman's face, which doesn't phase him at all.

This was a fun one, and it was great seeing this show's version of the China Country, but there are a few issues, like why do Dorothy and her friends have to climb the wall to get in when there's a gate for the Hungry Tiger to push down? For that matter, why doesn't Dorothy just use the Ruby Slippers to go straight to the china castle? And How did Wilhelmina, Frank, and Lyman get in when they eavesdrop on Dorothy? (Okay, that last one probably involves a flying broom and two pairs of monkey wings.) Ah, but maybe I'm overthinking this!

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