Sunday, January 27, 2019

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz: If the Shoe Fits

Wilhelmina, Frank, and Lyman come back to the castle all excited with good news for the Wicked Witch: They found the Ruby Slipper Charm! Now they can use it to wish the slippers off Dorothy's feet, and eventually free the Wicked Witch from her crystal ball so she can rule Oz. Oh, but there's one problem: You need two of the charms to get both slippers. But Wilhelmina's impatient, and thinks she can just use it twice. Off to the Emerald City, where she finds "Pigtails" and her friends at the library. She uses the charm, and it work! Wilhelmina has one of the Ruby Slippers! She tries it again—and disappears! Dorothy and Frank realize that they will have to team up to get Wilhelmina back and reunite the slippers. They go off to get help from Glinda. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina finds herself trapped under the rainbow, where the Undertaker explains all broken magic items go so that they won't be a menace to Oz. And one Ruby Slipper without its mate can't work, so it must be broken. Wilhelmina can remove the slipper and return to Oz, but she's workeed so hard to get this far that she doesn't want to do it. After Glinda explains about under the rainbow, Dorothy and the gang, along with Frank and Lyman, use the "broken" single ruby slipper to get under the rainbow. They're still stuck, however, unless either Dorothy or Wilhelmina gives her slipper to the other. Wilhelmina won't, and Dorothy knows what will happens if Wilhelmina gets them both, so they're at a stalemate. But they're surrounded by broken magic items, so something there can help them. They find a wishing cloak, and after a little experimentation, Dorothy realizes it grants the opposite of what the wearer wishes for. She wishes Wilhelmina to have both slippers, and both are back on Dorothy's feet. Now Wilhelmina is scared that Dorothy is going to leave her there, but Dorothy takes all of them back. (Come on, Wilhelmina, you've seen Dorothy be nice to you enough times now, did you really think Dorothy would strand you there?) Wilhelmina is grateful, then remembers who she is and threatens to come after the Ruby Slippers again, but Frank and Lyman seem to secretly be looking forward to working with them again!

Another fun episode, and this one really gives Wilhelmina a chance to chew the scenery. Just about everyone gets a moment to shine. And I'm now down to only two more stories left on my DVR I haven't seen yet. However, there are also a bunch more coming this week. My DVR doesn't seem to know which episodes they are, and I'm pretty sure they're ones I already have. However, there are also thirteen or so episodes I don't have already, so it's possible they may be among this new batch!

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