Saturday, December 01, 2018

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz: Mirror Madness

For once, they succeeded: This episode opens with Frank and Lyman stealing Ozma's magic mirror! While the gang in the Emerald City is looking for it—they even go to the Emerald City Lost and Found, which has all kinds of other interesting things—Wilhelmina looks in the mirror and is immediately entranced. She's so unresponsive, Lyman is afraid he'll never share a banana malted with her! Her reflection eventually turns into an even more twisted, evil version of Wilhelmina. Frank and Lyman see no other way of helping her; they have to get help from Dorothy! Leaving a trail of banana peels, Dorothy and the gang follow them to Wilhelmina's castle, where theyfigure out what's going on. No problem, move the mirror. Whoops, they break it, releasing the reflection! Wilhelmina snaps out of her trance, and when the reflection turns on her, she tries to stop it with her magic. But everything bounces off! In desperation, Wilhelmina turns to Dorothy for help, who realizes the only way to stop her bad reflection is for Wilhelmina to do good things. This does not make Wilhelmina happy, but she does it anyway, and the reflection begins to shrink, even as its terrorizing the Ozian countryside. Eventually, she has to perform one last good deed, but Dorothy is out of ideas. So Wilhelmina comes up with the last one: Sharing a banana malted with Lyman. She even gives him the cherry on the top. That does it, and Wilhelmina's reflection at last disappears in a puff of green smoke.

This was a fun one, especially the montage of Wilhelmina doing good deeds, which for some reason all end with something eating her. She saves Ojo from the Hungry Tiger—who then eats her. She helps an old lady bear across the yellow brick road, through a bunch of Wheelers— and then the bear eats her. Even giving a daisy to a little girl ends with her getting eaten by a large plant, reminiscent of the ones that ate Ojo and company in The Patchwork Girl of Oz. But alls well that ends well, and watching Dorothy and Wilhelmina team up was actually a lot of fun. I have a sneaking suspicion Wilhelmina isn't quite as bad as she thinks she is, she's more a victim of her circumstances and the influence of her aunt. And since I haven't mentioned it before, I'll now bring up her nickname for Dorothy: Pigtails!

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