Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz: Abraca-Oops

Ozma is practicing for a big magic contest. When Dorothy suggests "abracadabra" as a magic word, however, Ozma loses her powers until sunset, as "abracadabra" is an anti-magic word in Oz. (Hmm, couldn't Dorothy just say it around Wilhelmina and avoid a lot of troubles tat way?) With the contest that afternoon, Dorothy and the boys all leap in to help Ozma at least appear to be doing magic. Among the other contestants are the Warlock of Ev, Dr. Pipt—and Wilhelmina! Despite all odds, things are looking good for Ozma, until Frank and Lyman figure out that her tricks are fake, and expose her. Despite the touching, heartwarming show of support and affection that her friends are showing her, Ozma is disqualified! Wilhelmina wins the contest, and gets one wish from the Wishing Stone. Just as she's about to wish for the Ruby Slippers, Lyman (who has been even more of a chatterbox than usual in this episode) starts up with a long list of things he wants, most of which involve bananas. Wilhelmina finally shouts at him, "I wish you'd shut up for ten seconds so I could think!" Sure enough, Wilhelmina gets her one wish, and Lyman shuts up for ten seconds. So, a win for Wilhelmina, for once, but not the way she wanted to. Poor kid, I hope she gets away from the influence of her aunt and becomes the nice kid we've sort of seen underneath at times.

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