Friday, November 23, 2018

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz: Snow Place Like Home

While cloud watching, Dorothy reminisces about snow in Kansas and how much fun it was. The rest of the gang are intrigued, as they've never heard of snow. (Wait, then what was that stuff that woke them up in the poppy field in The Movie???) Ozma finds her magic snow globe and makes it snow in Emerald City, and officially declares it Snow Day. Everyone has fun in the snow, including turning the Tin Man into a toboggan. Wilhelmina gets jealous, and wants the snow to be about her, not that brat Dorothy. So, sure enough, she finds the snow globe when the Tin Man drops it and threatens to keep the snow going forever. Ozma and Dorothy whip up a tornado, however, to get rid of the snow, and all is right again. Wilhelmina uses the snow globe in her castle, which then immediately fills with snow, which isn't that much fun for her.

Even for this show, this was a pretty slight little story. Forgetting about snow is far and away the biggest break from The Movie this show has made, too. Wilhelmina's just a spoiled, jealous brat, and otherwise not much else happens! This may be the weakest episode in the series so far.

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