Monday, November 12, 2018

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz: Cooking Up Some Magic

As the Lollipop Guild are preparing for the annual Munchkin Cookie Festival, Lion decides to sample some of the product, and the Scarecrow shuts down production in the factory while trying to make it more efficient. This does not make the Mayor happy, but Dorothy offers to make the rest of the cookies in the Emerald City. They only have a few hours, and even with the gang all working at full steam it's looking tight. A last minute sweep of the kitchen turns up all kinds of extra supplies, including a cookie cutter with a warning label. No time to read it, keep making cookies! Just in time, the cookies are done, but the gingerbread men come to life and run away! Whoops, that was a magic cookie cutter! They keep running down the yellow brick road and running into creatures that want to eat them, so they think they'll finally be safe in the next town they come to. Trouble is, it's Munchkinland, and the Munchkins want their cookies! Yeah, this isn't their day! Eventually, however, Dorothy brings the rest of the cookies, and a gingerbread village is constructed for the gingerbread men. All seems to be good—and then the Lion starts eating the gingerbread houses!

This was another silly, frothy little story, with overtones of John Dough and the Cherub but not much else. Still, it was another fun one, and Dorothy's efforts to protect the gingerbread men once they come to life are touching and very much in character. And that concludes the first season of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz. Good thing I also now have the second season on the DVR! By the time I'm done with that, maybe Boomerang will have shown the third, where the Wizard finally turns up!

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