Thursday, October 04, 2018

The 31 Days of Halloween, Oz Style: Day 4

I started off this retrospective with costume patterns, but of course there are also many commercially produced Oz costumes, which I may be getting into later in the month. And they are pretty good, and can be pretty expensive. But back when I was a kid, if you wanted a licensed costume based on a popular movie or TV show, it usually came in a flat box, and consisted of a plastic mask with a cheap piece of elastic to hold it in place, and a thin plastic tunic, usually with pictures and a logo telling everyone who you were because the mask didn't really help. And yes, they made these not only for The Wizard of Oz, they were also available for the 1960s anthology series We're Off to See the Wizard and The Wiz. The evidence can be seen over at the RetroCrush Wizard of Oz costume gallery.

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