Monday, September 03, 2018

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz: If I Only Had Some Brawn

Yup, we're back! I'm going to try to blog one episode a week until I run out. If I luck out, maybe Boomerang (the cable channel, not the streaming service) will show some more before I'm done with the current batch of episodes I have, or more DVDs will come out. Anyway, in this one, Ozma sets up a corn maze to remind Dorothy of home, and as an amusement for her subjects. Patchwork Girl drives by, but when her car has trouble and can't stop, Scarecrow can't help, and it is up to Lion to save the day. Patchwork Girl gushes over the Lion for a bit, and Scarecrow gets jealous, wishing he were stronger. Ozma then creates the prize for solving the corn maze, a crown that makes its wearer Ruler of Oz for a day. Kaliko overhears about this, and heads off to tell the Nome King. The crown needs some royal jelly to complete its magic, so Dorothy and friends head off to get some from Dr. Pipt. While they're there, Scarecrow also picks up a jacket that makes him incredibly strong, but at the expense of his brains. The corn maze contest begins, and the Nome King immediately shows up and orders Kaliko to dig to the center. The Scarecrow pushes through the corn walls to get there, too, and they reach the crown at the same time. But the Nome King can't open the chest, so he takes it underground. Dorothy and the gang (with Patchwork Girl!) go after him, where the Nome King sics Clobbus, a big dumb rock creature, after them. Not even the Scarecrow's newfound strength can defeat him. So Dorothy removes the jacket, and he then thinks of a plan to get away from Clobbus and find the Nome King. Just as the Nome King opens the chest, Scarecrow sends Toto to fetch the crown, and the Nome King won't become King of Oz, thank goodness. Patchwork Girl gives him a big kiss for all he's done to save the day. Back at the corn maze, Ozma declares Scarecrow to be the winner, but he says the honor should instead go to Toto, who we then see on the throne with a big plate of bones in front of him. This is far from the best episode, but it's harmless fun, and we get a lot of Patchwork Girl. I think everyone had some fun with the idea of a stupid Scarecrow, too, but I'm not wild about how this could reinforce dumb jock stereotypes.

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Erica Olivera said...

I did not really like this episode. Mainly because the image of Scarecrow in that jacket will forever haunt me. Seriously, I have literally had nightmares over this episode.