Sunday, September 09, 2018

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz: The Beast Royales

Ozma invites the most popular band in Oz, the Beast Royales, to perform a concert in the Emerald City. Their enthusiastic fans soon follow! When Wilhelmina gets word, she decides she wants a private concert and kidnaps the group! Ozma disguises the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and Cowardly Lion as the band (who happen to be a lion, a tiger, and a bear), and Dorothy steers them in the Beast Royales' balloon to Wilhelmina's castle, with the fans following. Once they reach the castle, an example of the classic chase scene with doors on both sides of a corridor ensues, with Wilhelmina and the monkeys, the band, their fans, and Dorothy and company all running around and not actually getting anywhere. Finally, however, everyone makes it out and heads back towards the Emerald City, where the Beast Royales give a successful concert. Wilhelmina, meanwhile, decides she doesn't like the Beast Royales anymore, and switches her allegiance to the Winkie Country Wizzards.

This one was even sillier than usual, and the story could have been done in some form in just about any cartoon, so it's pretty generic, too. The titular band doesn't get much development, and what little we hear of their music seems to consist mainly of roars. Definitely one of the more forgettable episodes, but it's short, and a harmless way to pass a little time.

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