Saturday, August 18, 2018

Oz in Jeopardy!

We are nearing the end of season 34 (!) of the revived version of Jeopardy!, and it turns out our final Oz clue. I thought the category Classic Movie: The Video Game in the July 11, 2018 match was promising, but no Oz there. But when Alex revealed the Final Jeopardy! category of:

I didn't think a lot of it. And then the clue was revealed:
Ever since I've started blogging the Oz clues that pop up in Jeopardy!, I've tried to figure out if Oz knowledge translates to success on the show. The results have been mixed, at best. But tonight, Oz knowledge definitely paid off, because I'm sure you all know the correct response. But do these players? First up was Stel, at the right side lectern. He responded:
He was correct, of course, and bet all his winnings, doubling his score to $22,400. Next came George, in the center. He wrote:
I'm not sure how Son of a Witch ties into The Lion King, but he was clearly wrong. He bet $9,201, and ended up with a final score of $2,999. Then came Wes, the defending champion. He had a commanding but not insurmountable lead, so it all depended on his response and wagering. And he wrote:
Having bet $3,001, he won with a final score of 24,401.

And that's it! Jeopardy! and I are both on our summer breaks, but we'll both be back at work soon this fall. I hope to better stay on top of things this coming season (but I seem to recall saying that last year at about this time, too), but I do know that there will be many more instances of Oz in Jeopardy! forthcoming.

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