Sunday, July 22, 2018

Oz in Jeopardy!

As I mentioned in my last of these posts, Jeopardy! went without a lot of Oz clues for a very long time. There wasn't even a mention in the College Championship, one of the show's annual tournaments, which this year was held in April. But boy, did they make up for it in May during the Teachers Tournament! After a week of preliminary matches, the May 14, 2018 match was the first semifinal. The winner would go on to play in the two-game final match. And it urned out that in the Double Jeopardy! round, the $1200 clue in Characters in Broadway Musicals would have a big effect. Here's that clue:

Steve, at the left side lectern, rang in first and responded, "What is Wicked?" Being incorrect, he lost $1200. Erika, on the right, rang in next and said, "What is The Wizard of Oz?" and also lost $1200 for being incorrect. Scott, in the middle, then rang in and correctly responded with, "What is The Wiz?" and his score went up by $1200. Unfortunately, Scott was never able to build on that huge swing in the scores, and he ended up with nothing at the end of the match, and didn't go on to play in the final. The winner turned out to be Steve—and you'll just have to keep reading these posts to find out how he came out in the end.

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