Saturday, July 07, 2018

Lost in Oz, Chapter 21: Kansas Magic

Dorothy and the gang all start exploring the museum, and West manages to find several stones and gems with magic, nearly enough to recharge the journal. But four elements are missing, so Reigh, Patchwork, and Toto head out into the city to find them (once Axel and Reigh discover what properties all of the items with magic have in common so that Reigh can create a magic detector). Dorothy, Scarecrow, West, Evelyn, and Axel find a few more items in the museum, including an old penny. It appears to be enough to recharge the journal, but when Axel, reading the page, says "Go forth," the resulting tornado kind of fizzles out. It seems Kansas just isn't quite magical enough to pull it off. Reigh, meanwhile, discovers that the Kansans are afraid of him, making him overconfident when confronted by Animal Control. They sedate Reigh and capture him, and the gang must save him in the next few hours before the solar eclipse passes through town, because an eclipse can enhance magic (as Ojo discovers in Evelyn's old issue of the Tin Man comic book—which is based on a true story, you see). Of course, in their haste to gather up all the magic and rescue Reigh, nobody notices the penny rolling away. Meanwhile, in the Nome Kingdom, Guph wants Roquat to tell him where the Magic Belt is, but Roquat has no idea. He regrets all the bad decisions he made as king and all the people he turned into ornaments. Xandort, Guph's lackey, who is having second thoughts, releases Roquat.

Now things are starting to ramp up again! It's fun seeing the Ozians' reactions to Kansas, as well as Dorothy, Evelyn, and Axel discovering that there's real magic in Kansas. It looks like this eisode took place last year on August 21 (Ozma's birthday, no less), as seen in this website about last year's eclipse in Kansas. And yes, the Tin Man finally makes an appearance in this show, even if is just as the lead character in a comic book (which first showed up in the previous episode and I forgot to mention). We also get name checks for the Phanfasms, the Growleywogs, and Bunbury, so the writer of this episode has read at least The Emerald City of Oz.

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