Thursday, July 05, 2018

Lost in Oz, Chapter 20: Going Forth

If you're in Oz, and activate the magic journal that got Dorothy there in the first place, where do you think you end up? Of course, Kansas! Dorothy and Toto are extremely happy to be home, but what can they do about West, Scarecrow, Ojo, Reigh, and Patchwork? Being the kind of person she is, Dorothy is determined to get her friends home, but quickly realizes that if her friends are out and about, there could be problems. So she goes to the museum with Toto to find Evelyn, while the rest decide to explore the house and see if there is any sort of magic at all. It turns out that Evelyn works in a museum, and has been using her time since Dorothy went to Oz to see if any exhibits in the Hall of Mystery (run by new character Axel) have magic. So far no luck, and her search is interrupted when Dorothy and Toto show up at her office. Yay, happy reunion, but then they have to head home to take care of the Ozians. West, having procured a vial of the powder of life from Kaliko, is tempted to use it on the ornament that was her mother, but decides to hold back and see if it can be used to get her friends home. When Evelyn and Dorothy get home, West tells them about the powder, and Evelyn pulls out a box of stuff she kept from her trip to Oz to see if any of them have magic. But it's Axel, bringing by a stone, who is the biggest help, as West manages to activate the stone's magic. Suddenly, it looks like there may be some magic in Kansas after all, and with that a chance to get back to Oz and stop King Guph!

There were lots of neat character moments in this one. Patchwork interrogates Dorothy's figurines (he thinks the unicorn is uppity). Evelyn is clearyl upset when she sees her old friend Cyra turned into an ornament, and vows to protect West in Kansas the same way Cyra protected Dorothy in Oz. Looking through the kitchen cupboards, Ojo bemoans the lack of six-leafed clovers, liquids of petrification (Aha!), story blossom flowers (hey, a Jack Snow reference!), or any other kinds of magic. Despite the fact that this half of the season seems to have a lot more padding to fill out less story, I am still really enjoying this show, and I'm looking forward to seeing how things turn out. And I really hope there's a season 2!

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