Sunday, July 01, 2018

Lost in Oz, Chapter 18: The Magic Map

West, Ojo, Reigh, and Patchwork investigate, and discover that Dorothy never left Oz, but got stuck in the desert. They start mounting a rescue. Guph, meanwhile, now calling himself King, sends Tred, the best tracking wheeler in the desert, and Kaliko, the Shadow Nome, out to get our heroes. Guph wants to remove all the obstacles that would get in the way of him taking over Oz. Consulting the map, Scarecrow figures it will take the sandboat ten weeks to get Dorothy, Toto, Roquat, and him to the Emerald City, but then Dorothy discovers that folding the map can shorten their journey. It comes in handy when Tred finds them, as they are able to hold him off. Meanwhile, Kaliko appears in West's house and gets in a battle with Cyra, but Kaliko eventually turns her into an ornament right before West can get away. She gets to the guys, but Kaliko is there, right behind Reigh. Dorothy, meanwhile, trying to outmaneuver Tred, ends up capsizing the sandboat, and Tred gets stuck in the sand. Only by working together can they get out, and Dorothy convinces Tred to help them. The last we see of them, they're trying to get to a mine shaft that leads to a tunnel to the Emerald City. Finally, when West is late to her magic lesson, Glinda gets involved and goes looking for West.

Another let's-move-the-plot-along-but-not-too-much episode, but things are starting to come together. Kaliko as a stealth shadow nome, who can move from place to place instantly through shadows, is a complete reinterpretation of his character from the books. Frankly, he may be the most dangerous character in she show so far.

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