Monday, July 30, 2018

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz: Wand-erful

You know how I thought I was done with these? Not even close, as it turned out! new episodes showed up on the Boomerang channel this morning, so I guess I get to keep going with these after all. So, in this one, Dorothy and the gang are trying to teach Toto how to fetch, but he keeps bringing back the wrong thing. Ozma then alerts them to an oncoming storm, the biggest one Oz has seen in centuries. Glinda (at last!) comes and tries to create a bubble over the entire Emerald City to protect it, but she seems to have lost it. The hunt is on, which Frank and Lyman then relay to Wilhelmina, who gets the idea to find it first and create a bubble around herself to protect her while she steals the Ruby Slippers. Using her wand detector, she barely beats Dorothy to the Munchkin house where Glinda left the wand. Using the Ruby Slippers, Dorothy beats her back to Wilhelmina's castle, but Frank gets the drop and puts them in a magic-proof cage. Toto is free, however, so Dorothy throws him a sick so that he'll fetch the wrong thing—the wand! Dorothy creates bubbles around them all, they fly back to the Emerald City, and Glinda is able to put up a bubble just in time to save everyone from the storm.

This wasn't the greatest episode, but it certainly had its moments. The big new addition is not only Glinda, but they use the title Glinda the Good. Even though she looks a lot like Billie Burke from The Movie, there are indications that her role may be more like it is in the books, which is good. My big complaint is that, towards the end, the Scarecrow is seen drinking cocoa. We know that the Scarecrow can't drink. For that matter, earlier in the episode, he asks Dorothy if he has straw in his teeth. Since when did the Scarecrow have teeth? What's even more disturbing is that there's a piece of straw stuck in them!

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