Friday, July 20, 2018

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz: Rise of the Nome King

Larking about in the countryside, Toto finds a magnifying glass. Dorothy shows the Tin Woodman how it makes things look bigger, but then the Tin Woodman notices the flower is still bigger even after Dorothy takes the glass away. Sure enough, it's a magic magnifying glass that actually makes things bigger. (Hmm, could this be how the DatWoO version of Prof. Wogglebug got to be the size he is?) Dorothy takes it back to the Emerald City, but not before accidentally looking at Billina, who starts growing. (Ever since her introduction, Billina has had numerous cameo appearances, usually popping out of the TinWoodman's torso.) Dorothy uses the glass to reverse some shrinking spells, but then gets tricked into using it on the Nome King! He grabs the glass, then uses it on himself and becomes a giant! He picks up Ozma and puts her in a jar, and basically takes over as the new king of Oz. Of course, one of his first acts is to ban all eggs and chickens. Overhearing this, Dorothy gets an idea, and the Fab Five go off in search of—you guessed it—Billina! In the ensuing battle, as Billina pelts the Nome King with eggs firing from her hindquarters (!), the Nome King drops the magnifying glass, and Dorothy uses it on herself and her friends! Now that they're bigger than him again, the Nome King runs off. Ozma reminds everyone that she's still in a jar—and that's where it ends! We never see everyone shrink again or Ozma restored to her throne—or, for that matter, all that mess from giant eggs washed off the palace.

Well, I guess they can't all be winners. This was sillier and more disjointed than most of these cartoons, but I wasn't expecting high drama anyway, so I get what I was looking for. In this episode we are introduced to Kaliko (apparently he and the Nome King are the only Nomes in Oz), and one of the Munchkins refers to spending some time in the Valley of Clowns. If this is a reference to Dot and Tot of Merryland, then the producers are looking at books beyond Baum's Oz books! (Since Zog, from The Sea Fairies, is the title character is a later episode, that's probably the case.) The Nome King growing so big could even be a reference to what happened to him in Kabumpo in Oz.

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