Saturday, June 09, 2018

This Week's Oz Short Story

Going back, the second story in the 1993 issue of Oziana (and the last one I will be reporting on for this issue) is "The Silver Jug", written and illustrated by EricShanower. Amanda is a young Gillikin woman who gets a coveted job as one of Glinda's handmaidens. Only trouble is, she's a little impulsive, and prone to straying from her tasks or doing them her own way. Glinda patiently guides her, but finally decides that Amanda needs to learn some control. Glinda gives Amanda a sealed silver jug to look after while Glinda is off to the Emerald City for a few days, entrusting Amanda with its contents—and then the story ends! It's a finish-the-story contest, so I'm writing it up now so that the next thing I can read is the winning conclusions in the 1994 issue, but you only have to wait a week.

I will wrap up this look at the 1993 issue with the one other non-story extra, the cover by Bill Eubanks. It depicts the Fab Five from The Movie carved into a mountain, looking not at all unlike Mt. Rushmore, with a trio of Munchkins at the base admiring the view.

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