Thursday, June 28, 2018

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz: Official Ozian Exam

While playing horseshoes of a different color, the Munchkin mayor informs Dorothy that she has overstayed her welcome, and has only four hours before she has to take the Official Ozian Exam to officially become an Ozian. With the assistance of the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Lion, she hits the books to study, but Wilhelmina tries to disrupt her so she'll leave Oz. Wilhelmina sends a dragon to attack Indigo City, but Dorothy gets lost on the may and ends up with a yellow chicken that the Tin Man initially names Bill. He amends her name to Billina when Dorothy informs him that all chickens are girls. Getting her bearings again, they head off to Indigo City, in Munchkin Country. Figuring out that the dragon must be hungry, Dorothy sets out to Fuddlecumjig, in Quadling Country, to get some dragonberries. She sweet talks a Fuddle into giving her his dragonberry pie, but the dragon's roar causes the pie to fly into the Lion's face, so there goes that idea. Then Dorothy notices a piece of something stuck between the dragon's teeth. Wishing the Ruby Slippers to take her into the dragon's mouth (!), Dorothy tries to remove it, but has no luck. So the gang treks over to Gillikin Country to grab a grabber from a grabber tree, which does the trick. By this time, of course, Dorothy has used up all her study time, and shows up at the exam recounting her most recent adventure. The Mayor starts checking things off, and says that Dorothy passed. Not only did Dorothy know all about the places in the exam, she visited them. So now Dorothy is an official Ozian (as if there was ever any doubt)!

I liked that this one covers geozify so thoroughly, and it's the correct geozify from the books no less. Yes, Fuddlecumjig is made up of puzzle pieces, including the dragonberry pie maker. Billina is fun, and pretty much takes the place of Toto in this story, but she doesn't talk. Good thing the Scarecrow knows chicken, however. But the big "Aw, yeah!" moment for me was the big map of Oz on the wall in the study, clearly based on the updated version published by the International Wizard of Oz Club, as it has the Winkies in the west and the Munchkins in the east.

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