Saturday, April 07, 2018

This Week's Oz Short STory

I seem to have hit the wall between the issues of Oziana that I reread and remember from my youth, and the ones from my lack-of-youth that I've read once and filed as I dealt with pesky grown-up things. This makes sense, as I graduated college in 1991 and started my career as a teacher then. This is, as I'm sure you've figured out by now, my convoluted way of saying that I've started reading the 1991 issue of Oziana. It starts with "Mission Impozible: Revenge of the Emerald Grasshopper" by Christopher Wayne Buckley, with illustrations by Charles Martensen. Not long after the events of Ozma of Oz, the Nome King wakes up in a foul temper (as usual), but Kaliko doesn't come groveling when summoned, nor does he bring Roquat his breakfast. The Nome King manages to eventually fend for himself at last, sets out to find Kaliko, but can't find anyone. There is, however, a mysterious ticking sound among the copper cookware in the kitchen. Roquat eventually stumbles upon Kaliko, hiding out in his treasure room with Ozma! Is this an invasion from Oz? Has Kaliko turned traitor?

As a bonus, Buckley also provides some Oz-themed haiku. The issue also boasts a great cover by Chris Sterling of the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman manipulating marionettes of each other.

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