Sunday, March 04, 2018

This Week's Oz Short Story

The final story in the 1989 issue of Oziana is one that I've recommended a few times, and even gets mentioned in my FAQ. "Follow the Other Brick Road" by Frederick E. Otto, with illustrations by Robert B. Luehrs, tells a little incident that didn't make it into The Movie. Scared by a living Scarecrow, Dorothy and Toto run back to the Munchkin city, where they are directed to follow the Red Brick Road, seen intertwined with the more famous one. They meet up with a lost baby rhinoceros named Rheeba, and try to find the Wizard Wam. (He may not be the Wizard of Oz, but he's a wizard in Oz, so the logic goes he can help, right?) I'll just add that Wam and Glinda help Rheeba find her mother, and get Dorothy back on track to what she's supposed to do. It's a fun way of incorporating some places and characters mentioned (but not seen) in the books with the events of The Movie in a way that doesn't invalidate either. Hmm, and come to think of it, that could also explain how Judy Garland's hair grew so much between leaving the Munchkins and meeting the Scarecrow!

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