Saturday, January 20, 2018

This Week's Collection of Ozzy Poems

Nope, the next reading in the 1988 issue of Oziana isn't a short story, but three short poems, all done as sets of rhyming couplets, by Neal Wilgus, all under the umbrella title "Two's of a Kind". Each is also about a pair of Oz characters, so the "two" theme is all over this. "McWogglebug" sums up the first meeting between Professor Wogglebug and the Frogman (based on that title, you can probably guess that it doesn't go well). "Break Dance" is about the Tin Woodman and Tik-Tok dancing, and the aftermath. And "Stuff and Nonsense", with a terrific illustration by Chris Sterling, is a little slice-of-lif look at the friendship between the Scarecrow and Scraps.

Since that was so short, let's look at all the other extras in this issue (and there are quite a few):

  • The results of the design a flag for an Oz country contest from last issue are in, and Lisa Brown's striking Munchkin flag was the winner.
  • The wraparound cover is the next contest: You have to state which character was transformed into the various characters and items shown on the cover, nicely illustrated by Bill Eubank.
  • And editor Robin Olderman presents "Where Are the Wonder Workers?" a word find with a literal twist: Some of the words may turn corners!

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