Sunday, December 17, 2017

This Week's Oz Short Story

Yeah, I've gone a little out of order in my readings from Oziana, but all for good reasons, and this week I start straightening things out again with the second tale from the 1987 edition, "The Blizzard of Oz" by Tyler Tichelaar, with illustrations by Bill Stillman. I thought it would be appropriate with the start of winter coming this week. It's a brief tale about Jack Frost coming to Oz to pinch some noses, but he bumped his head on the statue of Dorothy in the Tin Woodman's courtyard. After convalescing, he is convinced he is in love with Dorothy and proposes marriage to her! Naturally she refuses, so as revenge Jack Frost convinces his father, the King of the Storm Empire, to cover Oz in a blizzard. Sure enough, he does. Fortunately, everyone is on their A game this time around, and with a little help from Glinda, the Magic Belt, and Polychrome, the snow is cleared up in no time.

Next week, I will finally wrap up the 1986 issue with a possibly even more timely tale!

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Nathan said...

I always thought it was interesting that this story came out around the same time as Eric Shanower's Ice King, which also had an icy immortal propose to Dorothy.