Sunday, September 10, 2017

This Week's Oz Short Story

Actually, this week is more a series of Oz vignettes, as "Cornucopia Oziana" by Lee Avila from the 1983 issue of Oziana presents a series of very short stories expanding on things Baum failed to mention in the Oz books. Over the course of only two pages, we learn:

  • The song the Chief of the Whimsies sang to Guph in The Emerald City of Oz.
  • Further juggling tricks by the Royal Jugglers of Bunnybury, as well as what symbol are on their robes.
  • What happened to Googly-Goo (and his fortune!) after the events of The Scarecrow of Oz (believe it or not, he was never punished in the book, an oversight on Baum's part, I'm sure).
  • The pressing matter Ozma had to meet with Jack Pumpkinhead and Professor Wogglebug about in The Magic of Oz.
This is actually a very clever way of expanding on our information about Oz, and I'm just sorry this is the only time this has ever happened.

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