Monday, September 18, 2017

The Latest Oz Reading

I've started my latest batch of Oz reading. In this case, I will go in the reverse order I've read them, from most recent to furthest back, for a very good reason that I will get to at the right time. But I may not quite get them all blogged tonight, so there may be a continuation tomorrow.

  • A Baffling Book About Bunnybury of Oz by Marin Elizabeth Xiques, illustrated by S. P. Maldonado is the latest case for Oz's premier rabbit detective, Brewster Bunny, and for once he doesn't have to travel very far, as it all takes place in his home town of Bunnybury. Brewster's friends, Hamilton and Elsa, are visited by their long-lost uncle Norbert, who seems particularly interested in a locked green door in Elsa's house. But what's so secret about the room's contents, and why are they so interesting to Norbert? This was a short, fun read that shows us a lot about how the civilized rabbits of Oz live. And naturally Brewster solves the case, too.
  • Captive Hearts of Oz Volume 2, by Ryo Maruya, illustrated by Mamenosuke Fujimaru, translated by Angela Liu. This manga adaptation of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz continues, from the party's first encounter with the Kalidahs to their arrival at the Emerald City. But a new member joins them, Zero, and Dorothy seems to be strongly drawn to him, to the point of wondering if she even needs to go back to Kansas. Also, the mysterious figures behind the scenes wonder if the alterations made to Dorothy's story will have major long-term affects, and Glinda involves herself the adventure long before she's supposed to. This is turning into a fun little series that's not quite as straightforward as it first appeared. I'm glad I've already ordered volume 3!
  • The program book for this year's OzCon International, which you had to attend to get a copy of, or at least have some connections. Lots of essays about things being celebrated at this year's convention, notably the centennial of The Lost Princess of Oz, it's dedicatee, Ozma Baum, and the 1933-34 Wizard of Oz radio show. But I already know all that, as I was the editor of this book.
And the rest, and most interesting part, will have to wait until tomorrow.

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