Monday, August 28, 2017

This Week's Oz Short Story

The final story in the 1982 edition of Oziana is "The Cowardly Lion and the Courage Pills" by Glenn Ingersoll, with illustrations by David Ingersoll. The Lion is feeling even more scared of things than usual, so Professor Wogglebug decides to find him a nice, quiet, safe place to stay for a while, and then teams up with the Wizard and Herby the Medicine Man to create courage pills. They succeed in creating something, at least, but as soon as the Wogglebug gives them to the Cowardly Lion, the Emerald City is invaded by Blorgens, a race of creatures from underneath Mount Phantastico who resemble two roses growing from a pile of dirt. They use a soporific gas to put the citizens of the Emerald City to sleep, but they don't count on the Ozites who don't have to breathe. When the Cowardly Lion wakes up, hidden away so he wasn't immediately affected by the gas, he takes some of the pills, then enlists the aid of the Scarecrow to carry out a plan using some of the devices collected in Ozma's safe. Needless to say, the plan works, but the Lion doesn't really seem to be anywhere nearer to losing his cowardice.

The only other extra to report on in this issue is a fanciful front cover by Jill Sparrow. Which means next week, we hit 1983!

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