Thursday, August 03, 2017

This Week's Oz Short Story

After last week's Lovecraftian horror, the final story of the 1981 edition of Oziana, "The Rainbow's Daughter of Oz" by Sean Duffley, with illustrations by Dana Linker, is a refreshing return to a much more traditional Oz story. Dorothy and Billina, on their way to visit Glinda, run across Polychrome. For once, she's not lost, but on her mission, for it turns out that Polly's brother, Schuyler, has been missing for two weeks. They all troop to Glinda's and use the Book of Records to find out where he is. Would anybody be surprised if I said Nomes were involved? Of course all works out fine in the end, and everyone (except probably Kaliko) is happy.

Also in this issue are a handsome front cover by Denise Brunkus, a frontpiece by Paula Cooper, a crossword puzzle by Dan Cox, and a back cover by Cooper.

Next week, 1982 begins!

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