Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Oz in Jeopardy!

The February 10, 2017 game had an interesting and, at first, not at all Ozzy ending. I thought there was just a smidgen of a chance it might when Alex revealed the Final Jeopardy! category:

But no, after the commercial break this clue was revealed:
I knew the answer right away, and I suspect many of you do, too, but it's still not Ozzy, is it? Patience, my good reader! So after the famous Jeopardy! think music finished, we got to see how everyone responded. First up was Sara, the challenger in the middle, who wrote:
That was, of course, correct. She had $4800 going in, so her wager raised her score to $9599. She was well behind and was unlikely to win unless her competitors really blew it. But the defending champion, Kristin, also responded with:
She even spelled her first name right. She had $10,600 going in, so her final score was $15,600. Finally, the challenger on the right, Brandon, revealed his response, which was:
Wrong 1939 movie, Brandon. (How would a witch, presumably in Oz, have gotten slippers from Atlanta?) Speaking of the movies, Alex did point out at one point that Scarlett's first scene featured a different dress. Anyway, Brandon had $14,000, but by answerisg incorrectly his final score ended up being $6799, and Kristin won again.

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