Saturday, August 12, 2017

Lost in Oz, Chapter 9: Down the Yellow Brick Line

This is basically Dorothy and Company's Underground Adventure, as it all takes place in the subway system. Dorothy, Ojo, West, and Toto are captured by Fitz, but his magic is going on the fritz, especially when West finds some magic of her own and makes an escape attempt. She fails, but in the process, Fitz's map of the tunnels breaks and he gets lost—and then the Growleywogs find and capture them all. Scarecrow, meanwhile, having escaped to get help, finally finds someone. Unfortunately, it's the Nomes, and so they capture him. The Growleywogs, meanwhile, want to turn Dorothy and her friends into stew. Working together, they manage to escape, but run into a dead end. Fitz uses the last magic he has to create a hole in the wall, but he has no control. West takes over, but her power is weak and the hole shrinks, even though it stays in one place. Dorothy gets them to work together (against both of their better judgements) and they find a way out. Only problem is, they have no idea where they are, no magic, and no way to contact Reigh or get any other help. Scarecrow, meanwhile, is confronted with the Nomes' General Guph!

It's starting to look like Fitz may not be quite as bad of a bad guy as we've been led to believe, or at least Dorothy has given him some ideas to think about. And the contrast between how Fitz and West use magic makes for some fun plot developments. The Growleywogs are totally unlike what they were like in The Emerald City of Oz. Their love for stew, and then going to sleep to give our heroes a chance to escape, reminds me more of the Scoodlers.

This is still a lot of fun, but I can also tell that things are ramping up for the big conclusion soon. However, I will likely have to skip watching it tomorrow, as I have a big event to go to. But with only four more episodes left, I should wrap this up by the end of next week.

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