Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Lost in Oz, Chapter 10: Bogspeed, Little Shanks!

Other commitments and technical issues kept me from watching yesterday, so of course I had to log in and see what's happening next as soon as I could this morning. Dorothy, Toto, Ojo, West, and Fitz are in the tunnels under the Emerald City, on the run from the Growleywogs and looking for a way out. But when they reach an exit, only to overhear the Nomes sealing it off, they realize that not only will they be trapped, so will the Growleywogs. Despite everyone's best judgement (poor Fitz, who has decided to become good, really doesn't quite get it), they go back to the Growleywogs to warn them, and the Chieftainess convinces the Chief to let them go and not eat them as a result. Reigh, meanwhile, enlists the aid of Agent Pugmill, and together they discover that the Nomes are hiding the magic at the airport. And Scarecrow, being interrogated by General Guph, can't give out any information because of the water of oblivion still affecting his memory. So Guph uses a potion of wakefulness on the Scarecrow, and Scarecrow remembers everything. But when Dorothy and crew emerge in the airport, the Growleywogs take on the Nomes, thus causing Guph to take up the fight before the Scarecrow can tell him anything. Dorothy realizes that the stolen magic is on the blimp, so she plans to steal the blimp and take it to Glinda. This she manages to do, and meets Glinda at the castle—but it turns out that Glinda is not Glinda, but Langwidere in disguise!

This is really starting to get good, and all the plot threads are starting to come together nicely. I think I'm going to like reformed Fitz, once he figures out just what he really wants to do. Only three episodes left to go! (I'm already hoping for an announcement soon about a second season.)

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