Sunday, May 14, 2017

This Week's Oz Short Story

The reading of Oziana 1978 continues with "Zimbo and the Magic Amulet" by George Van Buren. By saving the life of the local wizard, Zimbo is rewarded with an amulet that answers any question asked of it, but in a way that can't be understood. His ambitious uncle asks it, "Where ins the greatest magic in the world?" The amulet answers, "In Oz." Uncle Zimboobo asks, "And where in Oz is the greatest magic?" "In Toto," replies the amulet. So he decides to head to Oz to kidnap Dorothy's dog and become the world's greatest wizard. Zimbo comes along to try to stop him, but Uncle Zimboobo is too crafty and doesn't let Zimbo out of his sight. A chance encounter with Ojo and some quick thinking gets Zimbo arrested, howeveer, and not only away from his uncle, but close to Ozma and Dorothy to warn them. Needless to say, Toto the dog is not the greatest source of magic in Oz after all, and it takes the knowledge and wisdom of Professor Wogglebug to finally determine how the amulet is answering questions. This is a fun little story, and Zimbo is a clever and resourceful boy. All works out well in the end, naturally; even uncle Zimboobo gets off pretty lightly, but his plans were doomed from the beginning anyway.

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