Saturday, February 11, 2017

Emerald City: "They Came First"

I watched the first half of this episode last night, then just didn't feel compelled to watch the rest of it until late this afternoon. I don't think I'm quite loving this show. Also, I've decided to dispense with my long summary of the episode, as the show is getting pretty convoluted anyway. If you're that interested in the show, you've probably either already seen it or will figure out a way to watch it. So instead, I'm just going to do a bullet list of big things that crossed my mind:

  • Jack and Langwidere have a very complicated relationship!
  • Yay, Lucas has his memories back! Boo, he's not a very nice guy!
  • Finally, a mention of Ozma! (And, for that matter, Pastoria.) But will West or Tip put the pieces together?
  • The Wizard is a very not nice man! And I think he may have gone completely around the bend now.
  • Hurrah, Sylvie the little witch can talk now!
  • And still no lion!
Only three episodes to go. I hope this is still going somewhere!

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