Sunday, January 15, 2017

Emerald City: "Mistress-New-Mistress"

Yay, another new episode! So here's a brief summary:

  • First, Dorothy, Lucas, and Toto are still wandering around the countryside. They catch a lift with a circus, but when some of the Wizard's guards start searching, they presume they are searching for Lucas and sneak away—only to then overhear thatthey're looking for Dorothy! Well, then, if the Wizard can't help them, maybe that tornado swirling over East's castle can take Dorothy home. There, her ruby gauntlets (did I mention the ruby gauntlets that appeared on Dorothy's hands last week after East offed herself?) lead the head of the household, Sullivan, to think Dorothy is the new mistress and Witch of the East. She manages to use the tornado to transport her somewhere, but it's not back home, apparently. She does, however, find a jacket with her real mother's name. So, hmm, something is going on there. But after Dorothy makes it back to the castle and starts demanding answers from Sullivan, he accuses her of not being a witch after all, chases them all off, and the tornado destroys the castle (I think—something like that, at least).
  • In Emerald City, three women use magic levitation to hang themselves, it protest of the Wizard's actions. He accuses West of engineering the spectacle, but she protests her innocence. Meanwhile, he confides some of his goals and fears to one of his councilors, Anna, including his real name, Frank Morgan! The Wizard also clashes with Glinda (probably a recurring plotline). There's also a lot of talk about
  • And finally, Tip and Jack head to the city of Ev to get more of the medicine Tip thinks he needs. Waiting to find out if more can be made, Tip has to deal with being a girl. But the apothecary they finds says he can't make more, as it's an illegal magical elixir meant to suppress one's true nature. In other words, Tip was born and is meant to be a girl. Tip freaks out, and accidentally pushes Jack over a railing after Jack tries to kiss her!
Okay, I think this worked a lot better as a single hour, and not trying to digest too much in two hours. I also think a binge watch, after the series has ended (and yes, I am recording every episode), will be more effective at understanding it all than trying to watch it once a week.

A few observations:

  • Dorothy seems awfully jaded. I know she's a grown-up and a nurse, but she just seems to wholly accept everything that's going on and treats it so matter-of-factly. Come on, there's a lot of weird stuff going on here, at least show some curiosity.
  • The steampunk city of Ev is great, and a nice contrast to the more medieval Emerald City (which, by the way, isn't terribly green). Ooh, maybe Tip will find a steampunky Tik-Tok there! (Confidentially, I'd love to see the focus of the story move there.)
  • Seriously, the Wizard's real name is Frank Morgan? Yes, a nice nod to The Movie, but if they're basing this more on the books, I would think Oscar Diggs would be more appropriate.
  • I thought for sure the lion in the circus would join Dorothy and Lucas. But no, it was basically one shot. So where are Dorothy's other friends, then?
  • The Wizard is a jerk!
I'm still intrigued by the show, if for no other reason to see how the Oz books and its characters are going to be incorporated, but I doubt this is going to go down as the definitive take on it. Based on what I've seen so far, critics have not been impressed, as it's getting middle-of-the-road and mixed reviews. The ratings appear to be decent, however, although it's still early and they will likely trail off. I do plan to get the Blu-Ray set (if there is one) someday, as I think it will, if nothing else, look gorgeous on a large hi-def screen.

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