Thursday, December 22, 2016

Happy Holidays!

This is, strictly speaking, not an Oz post, but it's Judy Garland in probably her other greatest musical, Meet Me in St. Louis, where she looked absolutely stunning throughout. Judy and co-star Margaret O'Brien also sing a song from Father Goose: His Book by L. Frank Baum, so there's an Oz connection there. But this movie also saw the debut of one of the most well-known modern Christmas songs of them all, and who else but Judy could have delivered it?

The lyrics in this version fit extremely well in the context of the movie, but they were also a bit of a downer, so they were brightened up for general, context-free consumption for Frank Sinatra a few years later. That's why it may sound a little different than you're used to. You can read the entire history of the song over at Wikipedia.


Jim Meadows said...

Can you identify which verse from "Father Goose" appears in "Meet Me In St. Louis", as you noted? A listing of the movie's songs in Wikipedia doesn't mention L. Frank Baum.

Eric said...

Jim, I'm pretty sure it was, "Did you ever see a rabbit climb a tree?" But I will get my crack research staff on it and we'll see if there's a better, more definitive answer. Here, at least, is a citation from the Internet Movie Database's trivia section on Meet Me in St. Louis: