Saturday, October 15, 2016

This Week's Oz Short Story

This week's reading from A New Wonderland was "The Punishment of Prince Zingle". I do kind of feel for the Prince, since he's the oldest son and next in line to be king, but since nobody dies in Phunnyland, he's in for a very long wait. Of course it takes a suggestion from the Purple Dragon for the prince to try and get rid of the king. But the king is a clever man and managed to find his way back to the throne, and thanks to the Wise Donkey (yes, the same one who later shows up in The Patchwork Girl of Oz), he metes out an appropriate punishment for Zingle. Short but sweet (in more ways than one), but I can't help but think that a better consequence might be to let Zingle be king for a while, just to show how much work it actually is. I'm also puzzled by a school in Phunnyland, complete with a well-stocked library of books. If the citizens of Phunnyland are immortal and never age, surely they all went through school already after a few years, and now there's no need for anyone to get a formal education anymore. (For that matter, since the landscape and flora of Phunnyland provide just about anything one can want, there's not a lot of need for the kind of economy that con be stimulated by being educated at school, I would think.)

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