Saturday, August 13, 2016

Oz in Jeopardy!

The next two games with Oz clues have one thing in common: Both rounds featured another category where one would expect (or at least hope) an Oz clue to be, but Oz shows up somewhere else instead. For example, in the Jeopardy! round of the May 30 game, one category was Female Book Characters. If there was any category built for Oz, that's it. But no, it was in Hotel California that we get this clue, for $400:

Erin, the defending champion, rang in first and correctly replied, "Who is Nixon?" Considering the ties between Baum and the Del, that's a good reason to put this clue on this blog, right?

Okay, no, not really. But since the very next clue was also Ozzy, it was no problem throwing that in before looking at this one for $600:

Yes, this may be perpetuating some untrue, or at least exaggerated, stories, but Bryna, the challenger in the middle, at least gave the correct response of, "Who are the Munchkins?" It was Erin, however, who went on to handily win the game.

A couple of weeks later, on the June 16 game, one category was If You Watch the Movie Backwards… which might have been a lot of fun if The Wizard of Oz had been one of them. But it was in Book 'Em where this clue was uncovered for $200:

Jim, the challenger in the middle, rang in first and replied, "What is The Wizard of Oz?" However, he came in a distant third at the end of the match.

We're almost done with all these Jeopardy! clues! One more blog entry should wrap things up.

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