Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Oz in Jeopardy!

Now that I've got those videos out of the way, it's time to get all of the Oz and Ozzish clues of 2016 (so far) up. So let us start with the January 14th episode, in which the writers had a lot of fun in the Jeopardy! (i.e., first) round, with the first category being:

This does not necessarily mean that the clues are related to Oz, and indeed that proved to be the case, as it was about various historical and celebrity homes. But then the remaining categories were I'm the King of the World, I'll Have What She's Having, If You Build "It" He Will Come, The Dude Abides, and:
In that last category, you had to identify which movie the catchphrase came from. Okay, this looks promising. And in fact, the first clue uncovered was for $1000 in that final category, and it read, "The Dude abides." Ben, the challenger on the right, correctly responded, "What is The Big Lebowski?" and chose the $200 clue in the same category, which proved to be:
Ben rang in again, and correctly responded with, of course, "What is The Wizard of Oz?" And it turned out that all of the movie catchphrases in that category were also the names of the other five categories. Pretty cool! Ben, by the way, despite his early success and getting an Oz clue right, ended the game with no money (that was a really tough Final Jeopardy! clue!) and didn't get to play another day.

Four days later, the January 18 game was also pretty unusual. There was only one challenger, as it featured two returning champions. One was from the previous show, and the other could not immediately return after her win, so she was back as well. The game itself, however, was pretty straightforward. The very first clue chosen in the Double Jeopardy! (i.e., the second round), for $400 in Whose '70s Number One Album? was:

Randi, the only challenger, correctly replied, "Who is Elton John?" Unfortunately, it didn't help her win — because for only the fourth time ever, nobody won! All three players ended with no money, none of them came back, and the next episode had three brand new players. That two of the contestants were also defending champions make this game unique in Jeopardy! history. The Ozzish clue was kind of anticlimactic, actually.

More Oz clues from Jeopardy! coming soon!

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