Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Latest Oz Comic Books

Besides reading Oz books, I've also been reading Oz comic books when I get them. Unfortunately, we seem to have hit a wall on three different series right now, with no immediate sign of new books coming out. But at least this let's me catch up a bit.

  • First, the reprints of The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West continues with issue number six. If I recall correctly, this brings us to the end of the original miniseries, where at the end Gale defeats the Wicked Witch, and is made the new Witch of the West! The new backup prequel story also wraps up, with the witches agreeing that they don't get along as well as they'd hoped, and each departed in their respective directions.
  • A new Legend of Oz miniseries started up, starring Tik-Tok and a Kalidah. Since Tik-Tok is practically a steampunk character anyway, he works particularly well in this version of Oz. Issue #1 sees our titular heroes coming to the aid of a town infested by a band of flying gorillas. The second issue sees them finishing the job, and then Kalidah having to face his former tribe. A third issue was advertised as being available in June, but there has been no sign of it yet.
  • And finally, a new series from Antarctic Press combines classic literary characters and steampunk in Steam League. In the first issuue, things are set up as the bad guys try to steal the power of the Mars stone, but Dorothy and her crew come in at the end with a big ol' airship and a mysterious passenger. Issue number two sees Dorothy very much driving the plot along, using her airship to move characters around. I like this Dorothy, and she has Denslow-esque red braids, but the timing is all wrong. This is supposed to be taking place in the late nineteenth century, but of course The Wonderful Wizard of Oz wasn't published until 1900. This is also a series that hasn't had a new issue come out after the first two, which makes it very frustrating to read and stay on top of.

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