Sunday, April 24, 2016

This Week's Oz Short Story

Still working my way through the 1972 edition of Oziana. Today's offering was "Mr. Thinman in Oz" by Fred Meyer and Adrienne Martinez. This is just a light, frothy little tale of adventures in Oz that's just supposed to be fun. While cleaning out his attic, Mr. Thinman finds a magic carpet, which ends up taking him to Oz. Along the way, he also finds the Wizard's hat. Between the carpet allowing him to go anywhere and the hat magically supplying whatever he asks for, Mr. Thinman is able to handle just about anything the story throws at him. He manages to help a dragon, disenchant a princess, and annoy a king all in less than five pages, and still makes it to the Emerald City for the culminating celebration. Definitely not one to take terribly seriously, but definitely also an enjoyable read.

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