Monday, December 28, 2015

The Latest Oz Reading

I'm not in one of my usual cycles of Oz reading right now, but when the latest edition of Dunkiton Press Arrived at my house right before Christmas, I carved out a little time to read this, Ruth Berman's fourth collection of Ruth Plumly Thompson's Perhappsy Chaps stories as they first appeared in the Philadelphia Public Ledger. This time around, the Chaps have adventures at an old mill, help newlyweds make a new home, go to the gym, teach a boy how to swim, and deal with drying laundry. Plus, Kirsten MacLeod reports on the discovery of some previously unknown Frederick Richardson illustrations. Any fans of Oz ephemera, especially Ruth Plumly Thompson, should be a regulap reader of Dunkiton Press. More casual Oz fans, however, probably don't need these — but at the price Berman is charging, it may be worth it anyway!

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